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The overall objective of the Project is to demonstrate how wastewater management and treatment technologies can be improved through an innovative IWPM-System, increasing the quality of effluent and reducing costs, in support of EU-Directives on Wastewater, on Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM; EU-Directive 2000/60/EC), and on Flora, Fauna, Habitat (FFH).

The specific objective of the Project is to integrate wastewater purification through a new combination of electronic link (-> remote control) and physical connection (-> biologically activated pipe) of selected sewage treatment plants (STP), in order to integrate their technical capacities and to enhance wastewater purification (as a result of equalised inflow peaks and full utilisation of all existing plant capacities at any time).

To assure maximum reproductivity of IWPM, a transferability analysis shall be delivered for the EU, including the acceding and candidate countries, and for developing and transformation countries.